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Good SamariTim

After reading my book, many ladies (and even some gents) tell me that my husband is "too good to be true." And, they say it like they don't believe he really is as I portrayed.

Well, all you naysayers, behold the latest Project Nerd exploit:

Tim walks early (natch) every morning in our neighborhood. It was terribly cold a few days ago and he was just about to turn around when he heard a woman say, "Hello."

Not, he insists, "Hello" as in "Hi, handsome, how are you?" but as in, "Help! I need your attention." (That's why, he says, he didn't just keep turning around.)

He was wearing earphones and a winter hat, so couldn't tell exactly where the voice came from, but couldn't see anyone anywhere and was about to walk away, when he heard the voice shout, "I'm up here! On the roof!"

He looked up and spotted a 60ish year-old woman in sweat pants, t-shirt and no shoes, standing on a small balcony on the second floor of her home. He, of course, walked right over. She asked if he had a cell phone, so he could call someone to help her get down.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, PN asked, "Why can't I help you get down?"

Tim inquired if she had a ladder, but instead of responding, she climbed over the edge of the balcony and onto the roof of her garage. She then insisted she could climb down to the top of the fence from there. And, indeed, she made her way to sit on top of the six-foot fence - albeit in her bare feet with nothing but frozen concrete below. Tim told her not to jump down, and instead, to let him lift her off the fence. She was reluctant, making some derogatory comment about her weight and started to slide forward. Tim grabbed her legs as she reached around his neck, holding her steady and setting her gently down on the ground.

I'm sure all you ladies are thinking, "What's so special? Any decent guy would do that."

Well, PN is not just any guy.

During his fabulous rescue maneuver, he made a special point of turning 180 degrees and easing her oh-so-slowly down, just to minimize her embarassment about her size, in effect, emphasizing that her "weight" was nothin' at all.

Talk about above and beyond.

OK, ladies. Whatcha think now?

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was this before or after he made you breakfast, washed the dishes, started a load of laundry, and vacuumed? which I know he does!

Definitely after. This was his early am walk, after all. I wasn't conscious, so no need to make me bfast, and he certainly wouldn't have vacuumed - he knows the noise would have woken me up!

Rita K:

Love this. I can see my spouse doing that too. And he walks early while I am still asleep too. Some men are just too good!

Yup. I think one of the hallmarks of a good marriage is each spouse can't believe how lucky he/she is.

Wow. I'm in love.

Good men are hard to find. I call them "keepers."

Gertrude Orion:

Not only is Tim everything Doreen says he is, but when he comes to visit, he insists upon looking for something to do and does it. Example: corking the bathroom tiles!
Too bad, he doesn't come often enough.
Tim's mother-in-law

So, you don't have to believe me: That was another unbiased view (from the Queen Mother) - with just a touch of Jewish mother thrown for good measure!

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