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Happy 4th of July!

Tim and I decided on a "wholesome" July 4th. Normally, as you can imagine, "wholesome" is not really my thing, but we had fun today in Georgetown, a small, historic town about an hour west of Boulder.

Of course, it started with a parade:



If I had known it was possible to drive a marching band, I might have gone for the French Horn while I was in High School like my friend, Nancy.


See? What did I tell ya? Wholesome.

Then, the bucket brigade races:


And, although this was the Fire Department's team, they didn't win. Nope. The one that beat them, in fact, was the only one that put a woman up on the very top. I'll stop now, before I get even less wholesome. Well, OK. Maybe not.

The Police Chief had decreed that anyone "horribly, obviously intoxicated" would be disqualified. I think he must have missed the guy on one team, who after his team finished, dove right into that shallow pool, cutting his head open. Of course, the next team refused to compete with blood in the pool, so it had to be emptied and refilled. Didn't make much sense, but that's what they did.

My favorite team called themselves the "Wet Spots." Not so wholesome, I know. I liked hearing the Fire Chief announce them over the loudspeaker. What do you want from me?

And, what small town would be complete without its eccentric?


We're home now, waiting for the fireworks to start, listening to John Philip Sousa while Tim barbeques lotsa meat (all that wholesomeness sure ignites the appetite).

So, I'll end with some Boulder fireworks pics I took a few years ago:



Happy July 4th, everyone!

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Sheryl Allen:

Very nice Doreen...seems like you're writing, hmm? And great pics also.

Well, blogging at least.

Hope this doesn't make you too nostalgic for CO. But if it does, just remember the custard isn't what it used to be!

Is that a dog riding a horse?

It's a dog riding a donkey. Not sure which would be more difficult - for either.

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