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San Francisco Travel Literature and Lecture Series


'Twas a bit daunting for this Royal to call in to a book club of travel literature buffs. I mean, these people know travel. And books. Oh, my. (And, they'd be meeting in a bookstore, so no libations to mellow out with beforehand.)

Maybe that's why they asked such interesting questions, like this: Since shrinks are known for bringing out things in people they themselves didn’t know existed, is that why Tim wanted to do the trip? Did he know you really had an inner outdoorsy/adventurous side?

You mean, Tim did the whole bus thing for me? Right. Quite the martyr, my husband. I did ask him about it after the call, though. Big mistake. He latched onto that one so fast...

"Well, of course I did it for you." I'll say it again: Right. That man is evil, I tell you. Evil.

Here's more about this fascinating group:

Founded by Tara Russell of Three Month Visa Coaching and Consulting in partnership with Books Inc (the West's oldest bookstore). As Tara says, "this is an exciting book club and lecture series for seasoned globetrotters and armchair travelers alike! We feature books and speakers to inspire you if you are currently dreaming of "hitting the road" as well as provide useful resources for planning and realizing the trip of a lifetime. Our selections cover a diverse range of travel-related topics including long-term solo backpacking, "volunteer vacations," traveling with children and living or working abroad. Our focus is connecting travel enthusiasts from around the Bay Area so we can all share resources, contacts and ideas in support of each other's travel aspirations!

Details at: http://www.threemonthvisa.com/Book_Club.html

If you're ever in San Francisco, find them on MeetUp.

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