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Saab Story

I'm not the most mechanical gal in the world. (Not news to you, I know.) So yesterday, when I got an undeniable, irresistable craving for Sushi for lunch, even though there was still some ice on the road, I had to go.

Fortunately, the Sushi place is only 5 minutes from our house (15 minutes if you walk - I guess) and the roads were largely clear.

Unfortunately, that didn't stop my little, old, '99 Saab from becoming possessed.

When I parked at the restaurant, I took the key out, but the radio stayed on. Huh? Same thing happened when I got home. I'm so unobservent, concrete (and after all, did take physics for non-majors) I just assumed "Hey! Look at that! Car radios stay on, even without any juice! I wonder why I never noticed before!"

When Tim came home hours later, I told him of my wonderous discovery. He promptly ran out the door. (No, I hadn't left the radio on. Even I know not to do that.)

PN explained that since the Saab's ignition was on a column on the floor, sometimes when it's cold outside, the act of pushing down the key to start it, acutally keeps the button down, so even when the key is removed, the thingy itself is still down, electricity still flowing, battery still draining.

Or, something like that.

Anyway, thought that might be useful information for any of you living in cold weather with a similar set up in your cars. Consider this a Public Service Announcement: Your car is not possessed! And, radios don't stay on on their own. (But, wouldn't it be cool if they did?)

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Quirks and all, funky old Saabs are the BEST! We had an '82 Saab and it was the trustiest car ever. Quirky, but trusty. The odometer stopped at 150k miles but we kept driving it for a few years afterward. It broke our hearts the day it died and we couldn't find a decent mechanic to fix it in the hick town where we lived. I miss that car.

Hang onto yours. They don't make 'em like that anymore!

Its been our Toad for awhile now, but I think Tim wants a more "manly" ride - like the bus isn't enough!

I would have just assumed it was possessed. Then I would have walked to the nearest church and borrowed some holy water. Then I would have learned Latin. Then I would have sacrificed a sheep. All in that exact order.

Strange how the magnatude of shandas actually declines in the order you'd do them. We've gotten so far from our roots!


Are you sure it is not a toyota you are driving? They have some sticky issues as well!
BTW, no links from Facebook these days? I was just assuming you were not blogging at the moment! Now I have to catch up! Oh dear!

Kristy -
I don't always post the links on FB when I blog. I may on my next post, as it'll include Tim's salmon recipe and several people have asked for it!

I used to have a Toyota (which, instead of blocking out the "To" and "ta" to make "yo," I blocked out the "T" and "ota" to make "oy"). It was never possess like this Saab.

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