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A Passel of Princesses



This book club in Plainfield, CT is all decked out in pink princess finery. Adorable, no?
(The Prevost Princesses they're drinking ain't half bad, neither.)

And, I even learned something about yet another potential benefit of travel, Letterboxing. I'm not really sure I understand it, but it sorta seems like a country-wide treasure hunt. Since there aren't actual prizes, I'm a little stumped about the whole thing. I mean, unless I can win something like that fabulo pincessy cowboy hat...

Anyone out there heard of it or doing it?

In honor of this lovely CT club, I thought I'd share some pictures from our QUEEN OF THE ROAD trip, taken from their neck of the woods:


OK, so this is from neighboring, ME, in Acadia National Park. What do you want from me?

Of course we discussed how lovely the fall foliage is in the northeast. Here's some proof:



Thank you, ladies!

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I've done letterboxing once. It is quite fun, but can be challenging too. Not much of a prize, but we sure felt good when we finally found it. We also enjoy that our little book for keeping track of our letterboxing stamps is made of recylced elephant poo. ;)

Wow, Keri. Could those Letterboxing folks make this any more appealing, or what?

Nikki Sullivan:

Hi Doreen! I am part of the book club(in picture, pink shirt with grey short-sleeve sweater and purple martini). Just wanted to say it was great chatting with the other night! We always have a great time at book club meetings but that really added to the night!
Thanks again!

Thanks, Nikki!

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