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Cook It or Kill It?

When Tim came home last night from grocery shopping (yes, he does that, too), I unpacked this:


I reached for my phaser and set it to "kill." (If you doubt I always have it at the ready nowadays, you haven't read the recent entries about the wild, ferocious animals traipsing through our backyard.)

Fortunately, Tim told me to "stand down." "Fortunately," because he had other plans for this mutant mushroom that I still maintain could have sucked out our brains while we slept:


Good thing I'm not responsible for our sustenance (or much of anything else, I know you're thinking) around here.

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Kristy P:

Looks like it was trying to use camouflage as well, glad he was able to get it with the knife before it got away!

Yes, my hero!
Really, is it any wonder I don't cook with food looking like that?

That would have scared me off, too. How did it taste?

Once PN got through with it - fabulous!

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