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The Biggest Little City

The members in this lovely Reno book club know each other from high school and have been meeting for two years.


Top row (left to right) Tara La Casse & Karri Hurwitz
Bottom row (left to right) Lindsay Anderson, Lindsey Gray & Jennifer O'Harra

If I had known how adorable they all looked, I might have gotten out of my pajamas while on the other end of the phone. Or, at least put on some make-up.

Yeah, I know. I don't believe me, either.

The night they discussed QUEEN OF THE ROAD, they were at the Grand Sierra Resort which, they informed me, has free drinks on Ladies Night, several nights a week.

Oh, really?

As soon as I got off the phone, I demanded of Tim, “How come I never heard of that hotel where ladies drink free?”


He informed me that not only had I heard of it, but we’d stayed in its RV park when we visited Reno, his hometown, on our Meltdown Cruise. Score another one for my fabulous directional/location sense. (I can't imagine they did the free drink thing then, can you? I mean, I'd probably still be there if they had.)

In my defense, it was called the Reno Hilton at the time. And, it was our very first RV park, ever. If you recall, we had spent the first night of our trip in WY at a community college's parking lot on the way to Reno, after several disasters. (Let's see: Tim almost ran me over while backing up the bus, the door flew open at 60 mph - with me attached, and a horrendous hail storm had us and all the truckers pulling over. Am I forgetting anything? Oh, I really hope so.) We spent the next night in Reno:


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Free drinks is even worth getting out of pajamas for! Yee-hah!

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