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UCLA Book Club

Oy, I figured I had to be on my toes: All the members are UCLA alumni, a few even therapists (check out Clara's website on depression).

Notice anything special about this club?


Yep. Men.

This book club single-handedly doubled the number of men I've spoken to in book clubs. Pretty cool, huh? Two of the members are even a couple. They've only been meeting since February, so don't really have anything to compare it to, but I couldn't help wonder how my own book club might be different if we had some male energy.

How 'bout yours?

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We have one male book club member (and one occasional dropper-in). It doesn't affect the discussion as much as it does the choices we make. There was one unfortunate month where we did a Jane Austen pick, and we've tried to stick with slightly less feminine choices since (we mostly read the old stuff-ha). We like having him around, though!

If my husband read Jane Austen, I'd think he had been replaced by an alien (a much more sensitive race than ours, but still).

I'm curious what his critique of Jane was?


I suppose if I was single I might consider joining a book club. But that might cramp my misanthropic, I hate cats style. ;)

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