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It's pretty cool, I think, that there seem to be so many book clubs forming - still. That was the case with another pretty new one I called in Denver. In all the clubs I've done, there have only been a handful of men, but it seems this one had an honorary Y-chromosome present - Lisa's husband, who she told me, was listening in. Apparently, he read QUEEN OF THE ROAD after she did. (Sorry about that, Lisa. See ya on the road! Ditto to Teresa who is about to retire and said that because of my memoir, she and her husband are thinking of RVing. Well, now that you gals know what our bus looks like, if you ever see us rolling down the road, feel free to say hello or run for your lives - whichever seems more appropriate at the time.)


Lisa Dahl, Dorothy Kreps, Sue Emil, Theresa Murphy and Betsy Holt. The other members, Julie, Linda and Jan, received royal dispensation for not being there that night.

Lisa herself said she read the book twice. I told her my own mom hadn't done that. (I'm right, aren't I, Queen Mother. What kind of Jewish mother are you, anyway? Sheesh.)

This club really didn't seem like they were terribly new, as they all appeared rather chummy (does anyone still use that word?). Maybe it was the Jubilees they were serving from the Coronation chapter of my book.

One of the more interesting questions was about friendship with one's spouse. Could you spend 24/7 together? And, if you did up and leave your home for a year or longer, how would you deal with missing your friends? Can a spouse fill the void? Can he be your best friend? Fascinating discussion that Lisa told me the group continued afterwards.

Anyone else care to weigh in? What are the different things you get from friendship with your spouse vs. girlfriends? And, could you leave your girlfriends for a year - or longer to be with your husband 24/7?

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Jody Hayes:

I met my husband 22 years ago. We had many similar interests but both of us only wanted "to be friends" and nothing more. Of course we fell in love and here we are 22 years down the road RVing a couple of times a year. We are considering taking a year and RVing once he retires. I'm not sure about 24/7, but since he's my best friend, I think I'd like to try it.

We've been having an interesting discussion about this on my facebook wall (http://www.facebook.com/DoreenOrion - feel free to join if you're on FB). Some women are adamant that they don't want their hubbys to be their best friends, others love it that way. One full time RVer seems to have it both ways: her hubby lives with her only 2 weeks out of every month, as he works on an oil rig. The two months he's not with her, she is in constant touch with her girlfriends, the rest of the time, not at all. It's been an interesting discussion of what we get from husbands vs. girlfriends. Personally, I'm with you: Tim's my BFF and that's just fine by me.

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