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A Wild and Crazy Group!

Who knew there was so much fun to be had in Livermore?

Trust me. This was the wildest group I've called in to, yet. Maybe it's because it was a Friday night. Maybe because Ann, who arranged my "visit" is from Scotland. I'll let her explain: "We too like a wee drink - that's what we do as a hobby." Although I guess comparitively, it wasn't too bad, as Ann emailed afterward, "My neighbors didn't call the police."

She is also responsible for the first and only time this Royal has become a bribe: Apparently, Ann recommended QUEEN OF THE ROAD to her son's teacher. Again, I'll let her explain: "She too has a book group and I'm trying to keep her in good books as my son keeps getting in trouble for talking in class, what can I say, it's in the blood!" Works for me, Ann. (Although what will happen to your son if she hates it? Oh, the pressure of having a wee life's future in my hands.)

I'm guessing this picture of this group's meeting was taken around the time they marveled the neighbors hadn't called the police:


Ladies, I'm serious: Next time I'm in Livermore....

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Thanks Doreen--this is so cool! Loved the book and will definitely recommend to others. (By the way--one of the ladies got cut out on the right side of the picture...)

Oh, no! I'll check the original pic, but I think this is what I got.

Ann just emailed me: Amongst all the empty wine glasses, chips, salsa there is my little ones bottle of milk, she was only 2 months old when we had the book group (she is 4 months now...) You have to get right back on that horse when you have been off it for 9 months!!!!

"You have to get right back on that horse when you have been off it for 9 months." Don'tcha just love that?

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