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The Pyramid of Poop or Why I'll Never RV Without My Husband

Tim had put off emptying the "black water" tank (for all my non-RVing readers, I'd explain this, but do you really want to know?), as the weather has been (what else) horrible for a week. When he finally opened the valve, instead of hearing the expected (and welcome) sound of rushing water, he was met with a most ominous silence: The solids had apparently settled out, as they are wont to do. (Again, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, just be thankful I'm granting a Royal Reprieve and allowing you to remain ignorant.) Tim knew he was facing that most dreaded of RV mishaps (yes, even worse than finding oneself in a nudist RV park) - the "black water shower." (Sorry. Now, you most certainly understand. Maybe I should have warned you not to read this around meal time.)

By total coincidence, I had just been on an RV forum and read an article about the Pyramid of Poop (thinking, "Thank goodness that's never happened to us!") which advised (now, I'm really sorry. Really.) stirring through the toilet drain to loosen the plug. After attempting this with the crank from our awning (as suggested in the article), Tim discovered that, unfortunately, our drain is L-shaped and therefore did not provide for a straight shot.

There would be no stirring solution. Obviously, this was a job for Project Nerd: Domestic Superhero.

But, what's a Project Nerd to do? Why, go outside to hover in the vicinity of the tankful of poop for inspiration, of course. And, inspiration struck, indeed! PN realized he could pull the end of the sewer hose out of its drain, then hold it above his head (there's that physics for majors thing, again), thus backfilling the entire system with a column of water. With admirable PN alacrity, he replaced the hose back into the drain. The water cascading out of the hose created suction, pulling the clog through the pipe and draining the tank.

The dreaded Pyramid of Poop was thusly avoided.

Anyone out there think that was a useful nugget? Groan.

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pooptastic! i salute his poopatude. he poopernated that pyramid. poop on dude.

Annette Baesel:

I was drinking hot chocolate as I was reading your Pyramid of Poop musings...that was too close for comfort. Thank heavens the hot chocolate was spiked with a shot of apple liquor! I recommend it for those cold, rainy, windy crappy days in the Shitting. Hot Chocolate and apple liquor (or apple brandy or ice cider). I think PN deserves a double!

Annette Baesel:

I just read POOP to my husband. His response "that was the obvious solution". Obvious? to whom? I had no idea that my hubby has PN tendencies, believe me it is not usually apparent.

This post REALLY needs pictures with it ;)

I KNEW I could count on you, Patti.

Sorry about that, Annette. I like mint chocolate liquor in my hot cocoa (can never get enough chocolate). It's from Amsterdam, don't remember the brand, but you probably know (and no, I'm not saying she's a lush - she's just well-traveled). Comes in a biiiiiig (at least that's how I buy it - now, who's the lush?) white bottle with windmills on it. I'll try the apple stuff, though.

After this experience, I don't think I'll ever, er... poo poo... my hubby's PN tendencies, again.

Julie - I thought about adding some pics, but then figured people would rather I not. But, since you insist....

So, after you see the pics, go to Julie's site to "log" your protests! Oh, please. You all got me started. (You should check out Julie's site, anyway. Great info and tons of fun, but what else would you expect from a site that bills itself as, "Good girls have diaries... bad girls have blogs!")

And, while we're on the subject: Annette's fascinating blog is all about her world travels. I love checking in to see where she is. Matt Lauer's got nothing on her! (Really, that dame gets around.)

Patti runs marathons (and is certifiable for that reason). As you can tell, she's a very funny lady with a decidedly deranged (and I mean that in the best possible way) world view. Her blog is a riot and also one of my frequent reads.

I can't help visualizing Randy Quaid in his bathrobe, drinking beer and pointing a hose into the local storm drain, shouting, "The shitter's full!"

We have a portable toilet 'snake' for just such an occasion. It corners quite nicely, even in town.

Sandra - Somehow I think that's waaaay too practical a solution for most of the PNs out there (including, it seems, only occaisional PNs, like Annette's hubby).

BTW - Sandra blogs from her home in our neighbor to the north. She's had several books published and I stop by her blog regularly, not only because I enjoy the writing and glimpses into her life, but because we all need to keep tabs on what those Canadians are up to. Portable toilet snakes, being just one example.

I read this blog and immediately had to kill myself. I'm writing this response from heaven, where God assures me I will never ever have to worry about black showers.

Robin - That's why you have a husband (and 2 sons, no less!). So, I can assure you (I may not be God, but I am a Queen), you would NEVER be the one to take a black shower.

I actually posted this on several RV forums, as I've really never seen Tim's solution anywhere. If the responses are any indication, you'd be shocked how many black shower veterans are out there.

Sometime, I'll have to post about the Golden Shower.


Had the "pyramid" only once. Remember: yellow one flush, brown two flush! Train all your visitors or suffer!

TMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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