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Give the Gift of an Autographed Copy of QUEEN OF THE ROAD

If you're thinking of giving a book as a gift this holiday season (and if so, why not a humorous travel memoir that happens to be in paperback - so perfect for these downsized times - and has gotten spiffy reviews? I'm just sayin'... ) you can get free, personalized, autographed (and gorgeous, believe me) bookplates from my website. Just click on the red box on the book that says, "Gift the gift of laughter and inspiration this holiday season... " and voila! Instructions forthwith and for sure. The bookplates have a sticky peel-back, you put them on the inside front cover and now, you have a personalized, autographed copy to give to friends, family, yourself - or your entire neighborhood.

Is that really so far-fetched?

Well, just FYI: Already got one request for 14 bookplates - I sent them, and didn't even get a restraining order.

Blog posts coming up this week: The Pyramid of Poop! (Or, Why It's Handy To Travel With Husband in an RV), discussing another lovely book group I was invited to by speakerphone as well as an upcoming New York Times article on book groups that mentions yours truly.

Happy Cyber Monday, everyone!

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annette baesel:

Diane's Books, Greenwich, Ct.
You need to get your books there...they didn't have a copy!!!! This is a wonderful independent bookstore right off the main shopping drag in Greenwich Ct. Jerry had a biz meeting in greenwich and I had 3 hours to explore...headed for Starbucks and then straight for Diane's. It's a rabbit warren of books and rooms. And for those authors who come to speak/sign...they also sign the walls! Looked like a place right up your alley.

I cherish my very own autographed copy of QOTR. However, my pooping moose is getting a little anal leakage. Do they make Pepto-Bismol for plastic moosies?

I totally forgot about the pooping moose! You're so lucky, Polly.

I like my personal plate, but I'll check out the others.

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