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Signs of the Times

We were in Brookings, OR yesterday, to go to the only good grocery story in town (not the one we're in, of course) and saw this sign:


Henry's kinda kiny, huh? Any guesses on what he does with that oil can? On second thought, not sure I want to know.

So, I thought I would post a couple of other... interesting signs... from our travels, this from a truck stop in west Texas:


And this, from Front Royal, Virginia:


And, even more from those crazy Virginians, this one from Walnut Hills Campground, in Staunton:


And, finally, this from Savannah, GA (think about it, folks):


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Awesome signs! I'd like to take a picture of my husband next to the "Village Idiot" sign. Actually, I know a lot of people who should pose with that!

Unfortunately, me too, Robin.


Our gracious request for a royal audience is for Tuesday, April 28th. We plan on martinis. If the Queen is unable to put in a telephonic appearance that evening, we can "tweak" the schedule (i promise it doesn't hurt)to a time more in keeping with her social schedule. And just in case you may have to do a book tour on the east coast (the daffodils and early tulips are out by April) we would fall our overselves to have you in person. Although it would definitely increase the sartorial pressures of deciding on which shoes to wear! It would also definitely increase the martini budget! Say hi to the gulls!


Of course We shall be there, but We are afraid, by speakerphone only, as We shall likely be in the never-colonial (they know not what they're missing) Colorado. Just as well, as We doubt it would be possible to sufficiently increase the martini budget.

I always love finding funny signs when I'm out on the road. It's aggravating when you can't stop to take the photo, though!
Cute collection here...thanks for sharing!

Wow, you could probably post an entire blog just on the pictures and stories about the places you visit.
Thanks for sharing, a great stress breaker.

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