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On the Road Again (Again)

Ah, the romance of the road:

Spending the night before we leave in the warehouse where the bus is stored, so we can get one of our patented "early starts." Right. (Well, it always sounds like a good plan.) It's also where Tim has an office. (Anyone know any other shrinks that office in a warehouse? Wonder why anyone would go see him there? There's a psychiatrist shortage, people. Well, OK. He's also really, really good.)


Filling up at the scenic diesel station:


Making sure the glasses in the wine rack don't break. (Yes, those are socks. And yes, if Tim doesn't give me enough time to break out clean sock condoms, I grab them from the laundry bin in the cabinet right across the aisle, thus giving new meaning to the term, "dirty martini." What do you want from me?)


Trying to get WiFi in the campground in the morning after our first day on the road. The office wasn't open yet and it was sunny (and, yes, the sign does say, "West Wendover" - don't ask)...


Yet another scenic spot: Battle Mountain, NV, designated the Armpit of America by the Washington Post. (When you have a few minutes, click on that link to read the article. You'll thank me - it's hysterical.)


And for those of you who can make out the "BM" in this photo, I'm not sayin' Tim's a doo-doo head. Geez.


More on our rather quick, get-out-of-town departure, later. But, what "romance of the road" have you experienced?

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That looks like a lot of fun. I think I'm going to take your idea, but downsize it, and go live on a little mini house I build on Kevin's skateboard. I really think this could work.

You'll need a warehouse for the skateboard - and your office.

Maybe you should take a road trip in a Smart car or Austin Mini...just for a "different dimension" :)


as i read this in my beloved office, in my pjs and drinking coffee, i am thankful that i do not have to get on the bus...


The pic of trying to get WiFi reminds me of my kids when we drive to Hood River. Sheets and blankets get dragged back and forth between the houses so that they can see their PSP screens better during the day! I am surprised we have not been pulled over for suspicion of having corpses in the back ala 'Little Miss Sunshine'!

Oh, Patti. Wait'll you get a load of my next post. You'll never even want to ride a City bus, again.

Kristy - I'm so embarrassed (and so old, I guess) I have no idea what a PSP screen is. I'm also not sure I want to know, although the visual of the corpse in the back is enticing.


No need to be ashamed!I only know because of my kids! PSP stands for Play Station Portable. It is a small hand held gaming platform.

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