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Fun in the Workplace

OK. So, this is the first time I have EVAH even had the genesis of the thought, "Hmmm. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad getting out of my PJs, getting dressed and going to work."

Don't worry. I said it was just a genesis. This book group works at wfrv.com, channel 5 in Green Bay, WI. (It's the CBS affiliate.) I guess with RV in the station's call letters, they really couldn't help but pick QUEEN OF THE ROAD, no?

They even took the picture on their news set:


From left to right standing: Mauree, Erika, Vicky, Gretchen, and Kathy.
Seated/kneeling left to right: Dana and Erin.

Seems like a very fun work environment, no?

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Don't give in! Remember how cozy your PJ's will feel during those freezing Colorado winters this year. As a last hold out, you inspire us all.

If I inspire, you're all in deep doo doo.

Stick to the PJ's! Just trust me on this one.


Don't do it! We need to know you are sitting comfortably in your PJs when we can't be! Besides...don't they also have to get up early????

Anti and Anon - life-savers both of you. Yes, the getting up early thing. A definite deal-breaker!

The only exception should be if the reading group also wears their PJs (photo proof on your blog required of course.) Love the different colored martinis they're all holding. You have truly got the best readers!

I'm doing a book group in Boulder in two weeks, so maybe I'll wear my PJs to it and ask the gals to do the same? Good idea, Polly. Maybe we can start a trend. They got "Take Your Daughter To Work Day," why not "Wear Your PJs To Work Day"? It'd be a lot more efficient.

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