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An Evening with a New York Times Bestselling Author

Sadly, I don't mean me.

John Robison, author of LOOK ME IN THE EYE, came to town to do a signing and talk at the Boulder Bookstore. He, his fabulo media escort, Beth Vagle, Tim and I met for dinner at local fish haunt, Jax.


(When Beth handed me her card, she said, "It just has my contact info, but not my job title." I wanted to know why. She obliged: "I don't want it to say, 'escort'". Good point, Beth!)

If you're not following John's blog, you should. He's a "free range Aspergian" and recently, has been undergoing a TMS experimental procedure at Harvard. (Which reminds me: One of my best friends from teen years at summer camp at Cejwin went to Hofstra University on Long Island. Whenever people asked her where she went to school, she'd say, "Hah hah." She said they'd figure she was answering, "Harvard," but was being shy and modest. Little did they know.)

Anyway. John and I first "met" on Absolute Write, but then actually met in real life when the hardcover of LOOK ME IN THE EYE came out last year. Since then, he's been involved with the TMS research. His take on the differences he's noticed is fascinating. I have to say (and did, to John), that there was a certain warmth I hadn't seen on our last visit. It's as if he's become more emotionally intuitive, along with his considerable and long-standing mechanical intuition.

He's just a very sweet man, who wrote a very important book. Read it.

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What the heck? Is everyone meeting John Robison but me? What am I, chopped liver? Come to Philly, John! Leave all that beauty and scenery. I'll treat you to a crappy cheesesteak made with Velveta. (It tastes way better when you're drunk.)

Sounds like everyone had a great time Doreen, good for you. Glad you had time to get together given John's ultra-busy schedule with the publication of his softcover.

I have the same problem as Beth related to my work as a red carpet talent escort in NYC. The word "escort" has become suspect in the past few years.

Ah, Robin... I wasn't going to say anything, but...

Polly - You sure it's "escort" that was suspect? I would think "red carpet talent" might be a bit more problematic.

Annette Baesel:

Have book John's book on "my list" and his blog in my blog list...he indeed looks like an interesting fellow with interesting things to say. Do you think it would make a good book for a book group? We're putting together our next 6 months of books soon...wondering if this would make a good selection.

John's book was one of the first ones I got from my pals at Absolute Write, along with Pat Wood's Lottery. Of course, I coerced my daughter into buying them for me for Christmas.

I'm amassing quite a collection from the AW gang, and I love that I have a personal connection with each author. What a great community!

Besides yours, Doreen, the latest arrival this morning is Ray Wong's The Pacific Between.

I knew it! I knew I was chopped liver! (A big hint - the smell.)

Annette, John's book would be great for a book club, and I bet everyone who reads it will recognize someone they know. Robin, the next time John's in NYC let's go together. He's a great speaker and you might even be able to squeeze a Woof out of him.

I agree, Polly. John's would be a really good discussion book. Another really good discussion book from the AW gang I just finished reading is Susan Breen's The Fiction Class. LOVED it. I'm going to blog about our book group's discussion of it later this month.

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