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Queen for a Fortnight

I'm 49 today. (Really.) Big Whoop.

Actually, that's what I'm sure Tim thinks, as my poor Royal Consort has to put up with much more than just my birthday: I use my queenly powers (self)-bestowed at birth to declare an entire Royal Birthday Week. Watch and learn, Ladies-In-Waiting....

Especially since this year, as my birthday falls on a Sunday, We wondered just when the week should begin. Sunday you say? Silly commoners. Shant We celebrate prior in Royal Anticipation? Ah, but if We start the Sunday before, what about the post celebratory festivities? Quite correct. This year (and every year when Our - and by "Our," We mean mine and only mine - not to include Sir Tim) birthday falls on a Sunday, We hath hereby decreed a Birthday Fortnight. Herewith, some highlights:

Last week, had hair done with Tonya Auville, the Royal Coiffer at Salon Bellissimo. Tonya is also known as the Curl Whisperer. She had me over to her book group a few weeks back to discuss... me:

(That's Tonya sitting behind me.)

Saw Willie Nelson (and his biodiesel bus) at Red Rocks.

Had lunch with good bud, Susan. Suffice it to say, we had a delish dish (thinking of you, Katie). I mentioned in QUEEN OF THE ROAD, that Susan was my most gorgeous friend. (She tried to get me to go to a yoga class, and I figured, if it works for her... Unfortunately, didn't do much for me.) She's the type of woman who just gets even more gorgeous with age. I'm going to have to rethink our friendship.

Had my memoir called, "Brilliant" by Jerry Wexler on his blog and he didn't even know it's my birthday fortnight.

Last night, my lovely neighbor and friend, Lauren, had her former book group, the "Bad Girls" of Longmont (only "former" since Lauren moved to Boulder) over for a fabulous Queenly party to discuss QUEEN OF THE ROAD and just have fun. She didn't know it's my birthday, either. (Well, at least beforehand.) This was the second book group Lauren arranged for this QUEEN. The first was one we went to in nearby Firestone, hosted by one of her clients, Tara:


Aren't we all resplendent in our tiaras? That's Tara in front and Lauren behind me in the pink scarf. (Looks like there are several friendships I'm going to have to rethink.) Unbeknowest to me, this club read both QUEEN OF THE ROAD as well as my first book, I KNOW YOU REALLY LOVE ME. Since IKYRLM was published 11 years ago, I felt rather court jester-ish, as it was far easier to answer questions about QotR. I mean, I am 49, people.

Lauren is an ultra-fabulous hair stylist in her own right (nearly all of the dozen or so women last night get coiffed by her) as well as an amazing photographer. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures last night for you to judge the former, but as for the latter, take a gander at these she did for my website.

Today, the Big Day itself, I slept in (that's what the rest of the world calls staying in bed until 10:30 am, right?) And, finally (well, only finally for this blog post, not my birthday fortnight), Sir Tim and I strode down (where's the liveried help when you need them?) to the Boulder Creek Hometown Fair...

... where we had Royal box (as in crated) seats for the Zucchini Races:



Attended a Royal Joust:


as well as The Theatre:


Sir Tim is now resting up in the Royal Chambers prior to resuming his driverly duties to take Us to dinner tonight.

To all who have already wished me a happy birthday: Thank you! To all who have not... yeah, yeah. What do I want from you?


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Comments (9)

Happy Birthday Queenie!

Annette Baesel:

You have the best ideas...a whole fortnight! but what about next year...will you be doing a whole month...given the specialness of the number (which shant be mentioned here lest you have me beheaded for the spreading of foul tidings).

Happy Birthday Fortnight Doreen!

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the Queen. You're an adorable 49. Diane Keaton would kill herself if she saw you.

Happy birthday, Doreen. I'm glad your celebration lasted two weeks this year, since it happens to coincide with "Doreen Orion Week" on my blog. I just posted the second part of my run-on essay about "Queen of the Road."

I don't know about your Queenly birthright, but I do believe the book has royal qualities (that's really what I meant when called it brilliant).

So far, I've compared you with Shakespeare, Steinbeck, Pirsig, Kerouac, Van Gogh, and more to come.

By the time I've posted my fourth essay about your book, I'm hoping you'll spell my name correctly. (LOL) It's wAxler, not wExler.

I'm three whole months older than you! There, now. Don't you feel young?

I think zucchini races are a fabulous idea.

Ah, Sandra. Three whole months. Thou arest the Old Crone of the Kingdom, eh? (And, no We do not mean to imply thou art an arest.)

Jerry - A thousand pardons. Did you know Spell Check was invented for me? My next post with your newest blog entry corrected the spelling. Thanks, again.

You are not 49, child. No way. No how. You look like a dame in her early 30s. Yer a stunning broad. Oy vey, I should look half as good now. Instead, I'm a hot mess (hahahaha). Drop the hot. Keep the mess.

It's lovely to see all of these QOTR celebrations.

Doreeenylish, you deserve the world, ma'dear.

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