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MONTHLY CONTEST - First installation!

Hey, Queen of the Roadies,

So, this is it. The very first QUEEN OF THE ROAD monthly contest! For the rules, check out the contest page of my website. You have to enter on that page, as well.

This month's contest topic: What would YOU do if you could take a year off?

The prize? A signed galley of QUEEN OF THE ROAD, of course. (That, or a signed actual book, when it comes out, will always be the monthly prize.) This month's extra special additional prize is.... a poopin' moose key chain, all the way from Ketchikan, Alaska! (This was my absolute favorite bit of kitch from our entire the trip.) PM%20head.JPGPM%20side.JPG

Isn't it... cute? Just squeeze and voila! (Anyone who knows me could have figured out the first prize would involve poop. I'm very predictable that way.)

Good luck to all. I very much look forward to reading your entries.

Comments (10)

I'm one of the lucky recipients of a book, thanks to Stacy Creamer at Random House. I went through this with Look Me in the Eye, seeing thousands of promotional copies vanish into the void . . . but this one did not vanish! I have it! Right here! And I wrote about your book on the blog today.

That is a great benefit of being an author in their good graces. . . you see an upcoming book that looks interesting, and poof! They mail it to you.

Tee hee - I have a cow that does the same. Isn't it...delightful? :D Will share news of your contest on my site!

The same store that I got this poopin' moose from, also had a poopin' huskie. There's just somethin' about that moose...

Can't believe a pooping moose motivated me to write. Or... then again maybe I can. My children would develop stomach cramps from extensive guffawing over that moose. Hehehe.

I certainly hope you're not insinuating I'm immature. (Way to go - insult the judge!) I get that enough from Tim...

Doreen, I LOVE your website.
I'm green with envy!

If I could take a year off (and could afford it) I'd have a one-hour massage every day and that massage would happen while facing the ocean on a deserted island in Fiji.

*sigh* One can always daydream!!

dang, i was sorry to hear about the baggie delivery. that vet should be smacked upside the head.

if i could take a year off, which by the by i just have, and closed a business to boot so i could take said year off (a risk that remains to be seen as a smart move), i would finish my book (done), and find an agent (working on). i would read and write and cook. i would mourn by pooch (not planned but unavoidable)and cry till dry. i would eat frito pie and velvetta cheese without nary a guilty thought. i would join a book club so we could talk of our lives instead. i would learn to live a new way. the way that has left many a relative shaking their head.

thanks for the visit and belated congrats on the book deal. go you!

I saw you over at John Elder Robison's blog, and wanted to congratulate you for your book!!!

The contest sounds fun! I hope to give it a try.

Thanks, Chriseldin - please do!
And, Holly - green looks lovely on you, as any color would!

Thanks for all the entries. I like to think *maybe* the signed book had something to do with it, but darn poopin' moose...

Just happened upon your blog and wanted to say your book looks like a lot of fun. Great contest too.

If I had a year.... oh don't tempt me, my mind is afraid to even go there. :-)

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