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Chinese Jews

08.02.05RB.jpgRise and shine!
Our standing joke the entire trip has been “let’s get an early start,” which has usually meant 11 am – if we were lucky. Well... we finally achieved one: After a quick overnight on our way out of British Columbia at a muddy, mosquito infested RV park with only 15 amps of power, you might say we felt no pull to linger. Tim swore he’d have us out of there by 9 am.

“Oh, ye of little faith” he said to my skeptical look. Yup, that’s me: Yee Orion. From the lost tribe of Asian Jews.

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The Phoenix:

Entirely too cute. Congrats on moving on to greener pastures. And there's something to be said for asian jews, I'm just not sure what...

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