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My Last Hike in the "Great" Outdoors

Miles and me. Harbor Mountain, Sitka, AK.

I’ve been dragged on enough death marches by Tim, that I’ve developed…

The 5 Stages of Getting Grief from Hiking with Doreen: Denial (“There's no way in hell I’m going all the way up there!”); Anger (“I can’t believe I let you take me on this f--king hike!”); Bargaining (“If we stop now, I’ll have the energy to do another hike tomorrow. Really, I promise!”); Despair (“Oh, why did I ever let you talk me into anything over 3 miles?”); Acceptance (“This is absolutely, positively, the last hike I will ever go on for the rest of my life!”)

I would add a sixth stage, one which only occurs in extreme circumstances, at a perfect storm of elevation gain, total distance, mud and bugs: Confabulation (“Look at the dog! You’re killing him!”)

Finally, when I’ve nagged enough to make even Tim agree to quit, I clutch the poodle to celebrate, beaming as I attempt to reinforce the wisdom of my husband’s capitulation.

“I’m so glad you didn’t make me continue to the top. That way, I could actually enjoy how beautiful it was. I’d even do it, again.”

“Really? Tim replied. “I wouldn’t.”

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So that's why you look so happy on a HIKE.


cute dog!!! what breed is he?


And, what am I? Chopped liver?
Miles is a Standard Poodle.


Yes, you are cute also.
I am curous about your motorhome ?
Is that a bus or what ?


Well... it's about time!
Thank you!
It's a Prevost, a bus. If you want to know more about the guy stuff associated with it, read a couple of the earlier posts from June, about our building it (and the many, many mishaps we had our very first day out).

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