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Nude Ranch

Olive Dell Ranch, the family nudist resort.

In a nudist park, everything is striped down, so to speak. As Tim observed, there’s no macho, no posturing. Your balls (and whether or not you have any) are out there for everyone to see.

On our first night, Tim starts closing all the curtains in the bus. I wonder why -- we’ve been nude, anyway, all day. He explains it’s because he’s going to cook, so wants to put on clothes without offending anybody.

Our favorite nudist has to be the maintenance guy, who walks around with nothing on but a tool belt. Every time he turns around, I nearly exclaim, “Hey! You dropped your…” Oops. Never mind.

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I can't believe you did this! Does your mother know?


She does, now!


If not, I'm telling on you!


Oh, please. She and my dad went to one in Yugoslavia, years ago (although only he indulged -- but she took a picture of him).


I must lead a very sheltered life as I'm still amazed that they have such a thing as a nudist RV park. I think it's kind of humorous that it's called a "family" nudist RV park. I can't imagine mom and dad taking the kids there. "Wow mom, this is better than Disneyland!" All I can say is you are brave souls.


You'd be surprised. There are families that live there year 'round. Apparently, as the kids get to be teens, some become a little shy about nudity, so don't indulge. I wonder if it were studied, if there would actually be a lower incidence of eating disorders in the girls.


I still can't believe you did this.


He wasn't even wearing shoes?


Ok, he was wearing shoes. But, don't ask me what kind. I didn't notice.


Why no picture of him?

You want pictures of HIM? What are Tim and me, chopped liver?


On second thought, don't answer that.

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