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Toll Comments

We get various responses from toll booth operators, from "What a beautiful cat! [Shula on the buddy seat]" to "Are you towing a vehicle?" to which Tim delights in replying, "No, that guy's been following me too closely for a hundred miles!"

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you know im always so concerned about the pets, they were so traumatized by the whole thing, poor Shula almost needed a Valium!! i hope she's sleeping peacefully & being rocked by the sway of the bus and not because she's trying to sooth her sick little tummy :)


Poor Morty!! Is he still getting licked to death?
We had a cat once who used to clamp onto the jaw of our huge lab and suck until the dog's skin was raw! Everyone said it was because we took the kitten away from her mother too soon. The lab would just lie there and let her do it.


She really is gorgeous. What breed?


Yes, Shula's gotten by on her looks, most of her life. She's a half-Balinese we rescued from under a single-wide in Marana, AZ. So, every time she gets a little snooty, we remind her of her humble roots.

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