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To Each His Own

To everyone clamoring for Miles to be President after the last posting: While he drools at the thought of that much power (well, actually, he drools at the thought of just about everything)I must sadly inform you that he has some, er... unsavory episodes in his past, as this picture illustrates. And, while bestiality might be forgiven by some of his constituency (since he is, after all, a beast) I'm afraid we all agree that gay bestiality simply cannot be tolerated, particularly as I can testify that Miles was not born that way, but rather, made the "lifestyle choice" once Morty entered our household. (As further proof of his depravity, you never see Miles that cozy with Shula.)

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Gay Beasteal Peace Loving Freedom Poodle
or Chicken Hawk ?????


For he's a jolly good poodle,
For he's a jolly good poodle,
For he's a jolly good poo-oo-doll!
Which nobody can deny!


Hip, hip,


More Shula pictures!

Sue and David:

Hi Tim and Doreen,
Met you in Myrtle Beach. Thanks for the info on satellites. Love the blog.
- Sue and David


I agree. Equal time for the First Lady (Shula).


I can believe what you do to that dog!
- Kathy


Morty dont look too pleased, neither.

Auntie E:

Miles unsavory? Never!!
He e-mailed me and said he and Morty want to come back to Colorado.
Auntie E


He did not!
I type all Miles' emails for him (he's ordered a custom keyboard, but it hasn't arrived yet).
And, Auntie E, I notice you said nothing about Shula's wanting to come back to Colorado. Hmmm. Wonder why???

Gamblin Auntie:

Hey--Miles e mailed ME and said he can't wait to get to Vegas. Never mind Colorado.
Gamblin Auntie


Ladies, ladies.
It's perfectly fine for Miles to have Aunties all over the country.
I'd just better not find out he has the same thing going with puppies.

Carol and Bob:

Merry Christmas!
- Carol and Bob
('89 Eagle)


Does this mean that Morty is a wuss pussy?

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