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Prevost for Sale

Sung to the tune of King of the Road

Prevost for sale or rent.
Will take as little as 50 cents.
Will even throw in my pets
And I won’t have no regrets
Because, I’m now a bus phobic.
Ridin’ in it makes me sick.
I’m a woman livin’ my man’s dream.
I’m green on the road.

I left the driving to him,
And went through about a case of gin.
Got tons of bruises and owies
Why couldn’t he have dreamt of Maui?
Now, I’m half a homeless pair.
My Princess thrown's become a buddy chair.
What did marrying an MD get me?
Green on the road.

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Your blog is GREAT! What a writer!
I just saw your cover story in Bus Conversions Magazine and Doreen, it tells ***quite*** a different story than your experience reflected here! :) (Picture Seinfeld's Mr. Peterman saying that)

I'm wondering if you would turn 'on' the Site Feed on blogger so I/we could be notified when you update the blog. It's quite easy and doesn't cost a thing. It's under "Settings>Site Feed>Publish=yes, Descriptions=short"

All the best in your ahem, adventures!

-Chuck in Dallas


Thanks, Chuck. Yes, I had a very different perspective before we hit the road.
I've enabled the email feature, as you suggested. Hope I did it correctly!
Thanks again,

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