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After the First Day

Miles, Morty and Shula (resplendent in white fur)
after a grueling first day

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this fellow named tim
does with vigor and vim
all chores 'round the house
instead of his spouse

this girl doreen
is none too keen
to take his place
in the domestic race

so she concocts stories
of blissful glories
and of whatever she feels
in their den on wheels

indeed these two
are a travelling crew
with two cats and a dog
just right for her blog

thus choring and blogging
with recreational logging
make this strange pair
such an interesting affair

- Henry, Doreen's Dad


Tim: What's the deal with the door? Did you up Doreen's life insurance like we discussed before you left on the trip? See you next month in Wyoming...Jim


I miss Miles (and you guys, too, of course).

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