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I Know You Really Love Me Book CoverErotomania is the most bizarre disorder of obsessive stalkers - the delusional belief that their victims are actually in love with them. This chilling true-life saga takes us into the world of one of those victims, Doreen Orion, a psychiatrist who became prey to one of her own patients.

Rocky Mountain News: Orion's excellent book reads like a white-knuckle thriller. We pick up a fair amount of information about erotomania and learn about how recent legislation has begun to change in the wake of several celebrity stalkings and murders. But it's Orion's honest and eloquent account of her own feelings of terror, frustration and helplessness that make this book extraordinary. She proves that an average person, any of us, could have our lives destroyed by an unlucky encounter with an erotomaniac and that there's still little that can be done legally or medically to help.
Gavin de Becker, bestselling author of Gift of Fear: This is a remarkable book. We have all spent the last decade reading about stalking in the newspaper and watching TV news reports which give a tiny snapshot of this topic. Dr. Orion has given us the whole portrait, with meticulous brush-strokes that convey every nuance and subtlety of a problem that is anything but subtle. The book opens with a sentence that sets the stage beautifully: "I am a psychiatrist who has been having a long-term love affair with a former patient — in her mind, that is." From there, Orion never loses compassion for the woman who has stalked her for years. She tells of her journey through fear, through the courts, through the actions and comments of her psychiatric peers, through police stations, law offices, frightening encounters at her home and office, and ultimately, to the place she has reached: the place of knowing of stalking from the inside out, as a mental-health expert, as a woman, and as a target. She moves from victim to victor, and the reader is taken along through wonderful writing that conjures the truth about stalking better than any news report or TV movie could ever hope to. Thus, we get the best gift: a learning experience we can enjoy along the way.
Tina Sinatra: I fought this battle a few years ago, engulfed by fear and outraged by the lack of protection provided me under law. I salute Doreen Orion for her courage and vigilance - I urge everyone to read I Know You Really Love Me and join the fight!
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I Know You Really Love Me (TV movie/drama, based on my nonfiction book of the same name, published by Macmillan/Dell):
When a psychiatrist is stalked by her patient, she must overcome not only her own self doubt, but that of skeptical colleagues, the legal system and even her own husband, finally going from victim to victor to change the stalking laws.

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