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The Bus
Vital statistics:

AKA: The Crosswalk Killer.
1998 Prevost Le Mirage XL.
Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine.
Weight: 40,000 pounds.
Length: 40 feet.
Width: 102 inches.

6-speed Alison World Transmission with–oh, who realy cares? Isn't the bus a pretty shade of blue? Too bad it's such a disaster magnet.

The Pilot & Co-Pilot
Vital statistics:

Morty – 10 trim pounds of tough-as-kibble trouble.

Tim – AKA Project Nerd, Domestic Superhero. 6'1" tall, 175 pound husband living his dream.

The Navigators
Vital Statistics:

Shula – 13 pounds (she's just big boned) of pampered princess (royalty in her own right). Considers living on a bus akin to being perennially transported in a giant cat carrier to the vet.

Doreen – AKA Queen of the Road (Tim wants it clear the title doesn't refer to him.) 5'2 1/2" tall, XXX pound wife determined to prove to husband that living one's dream can have its nightmarish aspects.

Neither navigator possesses anything even vaguely resembling a sense of direction.

The Author & The Husband
Vital statistics:

Married Shrinks - They seemed to have it all until they squeezed it all into 340 square feet.

Picture Settings - Some mountain range near Wrangell, Alaska. (They're all over the place there. Trust me. You'll see plenty more in these pages. But, those Chanel sunglasses…!)

The Freeloader

Miles – Sixty pounds of standard poodle. Nothing else standard about him.

Favorite Pastime: long walks on the beach.

Favorite Chew Toy: Morty's head.

World View: entire universe exists to lavish attention on him. And, oh yeah–can't we all just get along?

Copyright 2008 Doreen Orion